Diplomatic victory’ for India: UAE recognises PoK as part of India in G20 video in a major snub to Pakistan

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Pakistan’s own friends have also abandoned it on the issue of PoK. Since independence, Pakistan has always been singing the song of Kashmir on big platforms. Even in every bilateral meeting, Pakistan did not desist from raising the Kashmir issue. However, for the last few years, India has stopped talks with Pakistan. India says that Pakistan should first close the terrorist factories running there, only then talks will be held with it. Even though Pakistan claims its rights over entire Kashmir, it is not able to handle its occupied Kashmir (PoK) properly. The people of PoK repeatedly protest and demand to join India and the world knows that the entire Kashmir is an integral part of India. A part of which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan. Some supporting countries of Pakistan definitely supported it, but now its close country like UAE is calling PoK an integral part of India. Ever since UAE accepted PoK as an integral part of India in G20, Pakistan has been upset by this.
In the G20, the Deputy Prime Minister of UAE released a video in which PoK and Aksai Chin were shown as part of India and it was acknowledged that PoK is considered an integral part of India. Pakistan is furious about this matter and is also making various kinds of statements. Recently, during the G20 summit held in India, Pakistan wrote a letter to the Islamic member countries of G20 and instigated them against India and made many serious allegations against India. Pakistan’s letter alleges that India has always been violating human rights in Kashmir and has been doing injustice to the people there. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of all the member countries of G20 to ask India to follow international human rights.
Demonstration of PoK people against Pakistan
The people of PoK have raised their voice regarding the injustice being done to the people of PoK. The people there have come out on the streets against rising inflation and excessive taxes on things. People are blaming Pakistan behind all this. The people of PoK have recently demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to liberate themselves from Pakistan. People say that a lot of atrocities are being committed against them. They don’t even have food grains at home. According to him, despite the highest electricity production in PoK, the people here have to pay exorbitant electricity bills, not only this, the quota of grains released for PoK is also continuously sent to other states of Pakistan.

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